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"Once Had Tech" by Shelly
Parody of Blondie: Heart Of Glass

about me

It is my Life's dream to bring vision to data; once we have vision we can then validate, understand and finally make knowledgeable decisions.

I am looking to bring your vision to reality!

I am a professional SOFTWARE ENGINEER, skilled by twenty years of experience. Yes - 20 years of real experience in over 8 companies touching more than 70+ systems.

Specialities include Data Wrangling and Warehouse design and Salesforce Administration!

Over the last 20 years technology systems have changed more than I could have imagined. It has become faster and more intuitive but the cost associated with embracing new technology has left many living with inadequate, mis-configured solutions.

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need a little help? I've got your back!

$65 hr

Ask Experience

Business Solutions Consultant

Just want to ask a question?

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had known a little more information about a technology before you added it to your organization? Not sure which solution is the best? Need someone who understands technology and the big picture? 20 years of hands on experience building and architecting solutions for many local businesses has given us the bigger picture of technology and technical debt. Let me share my experience and help you make the best choice for your technical future.


Custom Work

Get what you want - even in Salesforce!

no politics, no employees - just solutions

Team Foundation, Microsoft Dynamics, InsideSales, AtTask, Salesforce, Printfleet, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Kayako, Analytics, Custom APIs, Conga, FileIt, Dropbox, Mingle, OpenX, Avaya/IVR, Sharepointe, Microsoft Tools Suite, Git, Access, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, REST/SOAP, CSS3, HTML5, Selenium Language: PHP, Perl, C# 4.0, Python, ETL/UDF, SQL, Procedures, DTS, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, Postgres, Sybase, SSRS, System Modeling, Data Modeling, Design, Process, Documentation, End-to-End


Data Wrangling Migrations

One-time Onboard FULL Migrations

Outsource Data Headaches

My specialty is the untangling of the crazy schemas, aka.'Data Hairball', found under many technologies. Tech refresh is necessary, not all demographics are the same. If you find yourself at the point of growth to a new technology and need help getting there, I have your back. I have actually done this many, many times before.


Engineer To Entrepreneur And Back

Lessons from 'dipping with the sharks'.

World Reflection, Questions, Ponders

Thoughts from frustrating life confusions


Web Apps/Development


Software Engineering/Arc/Workflow


Integration/Web Services/Automation








Databases/Files/UnStructured Data









  • Present

    Engineer For Hire


    Utah, USA

    Looking to get back to what I love - solving problems and organizing data. Maybe become part of a fabulous team or create a cool prototype.
    I am up for a challenge - are you?

  • WildHair Technologies

    Utah, USA

    Designed and built BridgeTheGap, an integration platform which enables me to migrate your data in full in a week. Yep - ALL your information, every record linked to every other record - clean and formatted and ready for a new home.

    2014 - 2018

    Founder and Engineer

  • 2014

    Certified Salesforce Admin/Engineer



    I have helped dozens of organizations design and implement many aspects of their Salesforce needs.

  • 2012 - 2013

    Software Engineer


    Utah, USA

    PHP and Mysql development. I was on the CRM team and then the Tier III support team for bug cleanup in all integrated systems across all teams. The Tier III CPR team is a real test of a persons ability to switch tasks in a matter of moments, the case flow runs anywhere from 15-20 per day and we have to try to solve them as fast as possible. This team supports multiple different code bases and various production products offered by the company. This team requires that you have the ability to quickly learn and understand various styles of code as well as keeping in mind the underlying data architecture that must be kept in tact.

    2012 - 2013

    Software Engineer

  • 2011 - 2012

    Software Engineer

    Curve Dental

    Utah, USA

    Designed, architected and developed a proprietary internal system with integration points to internal tracking systems, resulting in 50% time savings to the data migrations team, using version one!
    Using company process I also aided in many data scripts to rectify customer support situations as well as added some enhancements to existing internal tools and helping in the maintenance of company documentation.

  • 2009

    Certified PHP Engineer



    Keeping up with the major changes and getting papered.

  • DirectPointe

    Utah, USA

    Enterprise-level PHP and .NET c# development, support and maintenance of in house systems, research, design and put process and training documentation in place. Create a one view into the many systems we have and look for way to simplify and create flexible systems that can grow with the company instead of against it. Ensure 100% uptime of all production systems and applications used to support the clients.

    2005 - 2009

    Software Engineer

  • 2004 - 2005

    Software Engineer

    The Selling Source

    Kansas, USA

    Enterprise-level PHP development, support and maintenance, heavy client interaction, research, design and put process documentation in place. Programmer for in-house development, handling assignment and development of individual tasks and systems including interactive voice recognition systems (IVR).

  • 1997 - 1999

    Software Engineer

    Footprints, Inc

    Utah, USA

    Entry-level Programmer responsible for development of custom applications per company standards. Responsible for debugging and maintaining multiple custom database driven applications as well as maintaining custom software used to handle the company intranet system.

    1997 - 1999

    Software Engineer

  • 1996 - 1998

    Certified Programmer

    Certified Careers Institute

    Utah, USA

    Engineering was becoming a real career path. I learned the basics for engineering and development when they taught it as a full solution - end-to-end.

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