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POPULATED 12/4/2022 - needs updating of information and lots of other files to be uploaded and articles to add. - this is now the formal documentation repo

Welcome to AskShellyIT Wiki
This wiki is meant to house training and how-to information, standards and article entries for information about the BridgeTheGap data archive portal built for the individual. Articles are linked from the code base to provide instant help when you need it.

START HERE : login and TOC information. Myportals2022.png


These are used to organize articles for product or service relation and permission access control. These articles CAN be used in codebases to provide instance help articles and there names should be addressed with caution and verify access in the LocalSettings control features.

  BTG articles
   These are linked in the software codebase
   The HOWTO category is the default when a matching article cannot be found
  INHOUSE articles
   These are private articles or outdated info