Plug In Your Access Point
REST, SOAP, API, etc...

Even if you are not sure what these are BridgeTheGap has a simplified way to access your information with minimal effort.


Types: basic, oauth, token, webservice, direct, uploads

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Usage 1: Intelligence Reporting
dashboard, interactive, live, etc...

Charts, Reports and Dashboards can be built from all points of access.

Permission based access, embedded or distributed options are available for distibution.


Configure Your Rules
clean, combine, validate, etc...

Ensure only valid emails are moved
Cleanup a crazy industry lists
Limits by specific record values or even empty values.

data cleaning

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Usage 2: Data Warehouse
one source of truth

Rule based cleansed and reformatted information moved regularly for backups/compliance or storage.

Built in record based life cycle tracking allowing the ability to timeline by field changes like stage or assignment.


hourly, daily, monthly, etc...

Setup your preferred times to have your data accessed. Your configurations will be played on the information scheduled to pull.


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Usage 3: Workflow Integrations
conditional, scheduled, endpoint, etc...

Communication highways can be created which allow a record updated to a certain value in one system to trigger a data update in another system.

BridgeTheGap acts like the roadway moving information around as needed and scheduled, keeping everything tracked by default.


Perspective Support

Sometimes things are hard to explain, we believe it's a matter of audience perspective. We created different ways to explain our services geared toward different perspectives and needs. We hope you find this helpful and welcome your feedback!

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The best recommendation comes from people who gave us the opportunity to help, our fabulous clients!


Infinity Group - Verne Markham

WildHair has been great to work with on our workflow automation project. Honestly from the first initial conference call to the final wrap up they were attentive and engaged.

What I liked most was the ability to be a team player and adapt to clarifications in direction on the fly. We all know that any process improvement journey starts with a clear destination but very little knowledge of what might come up along the way. This is why our team here puts a huge value on other good team players like WildHair.

Also should note that I don’t think that the distance was a hindrance at all – we could have all been working in the same room.



Dental Genius - Phillip Lopez

WildHair has been great to work with in the regards to the data transfer. They have been very receptive to our needs and have gone above and beyond to ensure the data we are transfering comes over very nicely.

WildHair has been easy to communicate with and has been very prompt on returning my calls and emails. Being someone who is not the most tech savvy when it comes to data migration, WildHair has ensured to properly document and notify me on every step of the process

I would highly recommend WildHair services.